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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Top this, Easter Decorators

This is Puffy. Puffy relentlessly produces unfertilized eggs throughout the year. We'd put her in with Chee Chee for some rubbing-up-against companionship (Chee Chee being female also) but they get pretty brutal when confined together.

Mrs. Lex10, always with an eye for thrift, decied that the eggs might be of some use, and began to collect them. Then again, perhaps she was just compelled by the fascinating phenomena.
When I say relentless, I mean relentless:

She discovered that some household pest had consumed part of the egg collection:

This had happened before with other specimens from nature that we had collected on our science shelves

We had so many eggs, and there are no images her that duplicate any individual egg, AND we threw out a bunch, that we dyed some last Easter and will probably will color more this year"

THAT image is a link to a wallpaper.

Skeptics, here is a reference image in case there is any doubt:

Hail Puffy!- Layer of teeny-tiny eggs!