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Friday, July 18, 2008

Kool UK Komik Artifakt

I stopped in to say "yo" to Bill at Frankenstein Comics and while I was there I spotted this hardbound volume:

It turned out to be several dozen UK weekly Spiderman weekly comics, originally valued at 5p each. I never knew this behavior was possible, but Bill assured me it was commonplace among misguided collectors from Old Blighty (owing to the binding doing nothing to enhance value) to take collections to the Binder and have it done - like Dickens or something- "taking my penny dreadfuls to the Binder's mum!".

His assertion was that this particular binding was only average and that he had seen other UK bound comics that had embossing and gold leaf.

Where the book had fallen open to, there was a back page ad for free badges for eating "Supermousse" which got you Pop Star badges and "Fudge" which got you free footballer badges.

Lo and behold, who was one of the free Pop Star badges? Why Gary Glitter - egregious child molester - ew! He supposedly gets out of 'Nam jail next month.....

No Supermousse for me or any of my readers, Gary!

All photos were phonecammed- sorry for any blurry