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Sunday, October 19, 2008


They're everywhere. But Mrs. Lex10 has provided a solution that attracts fruit flies also known as vinegar flies - to their deaths like shore leave Tarzan sailors to Gorilla hookers.

Aceto Balsamico - Balsamic vinegar. It confounds their senses, and they, in an attempt to feed or reproduce, drown as with or in some sort of human-made nepenthe or nepenthes

I love the santoku and remote with the pub towel.

Sip? Photo hard to capture one handed in natural light while blocking dinner-making traffic. See me next fall.

1 comment:

Gorilla Man said...

Tarzan sailors to Gorilla hookers?
Love it - I'll be casually slipping that one into conversations soon.

We use cider vinegar with a hint of dish soap. Apparently the soap helps snare the little bastards in the liquid.