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Friday, October 24, 2008

Flip the Frog Killed at YouTube

Got a takedown notice for my video Flip the Frog in Killin' Frog Blues, where I took an old Ub Iwerks Flip cartoon and mashed it up with Howlin' Wolf's "Killin' Floor" who did the song in '64 and died in '76.

What I don't understand is this:

Howlin' Wolf never lost a dime via this video. He's deceased. Only accountants and attorneys stand to profit. (I've made 11 dollars blogging, by the way!)

Doesn't this type of video, with tens of thousands of views, send people to find out more about and possibly purchase Howlin' Wolf music?

Why do like, 75 full songs (I didn't even use the whole song!!) of Howlin' Wolf still exist on YouTube? Why are they OK and this is not?

Geffen records, which is owned by Universal music, who to my memory was the first company to say "If you're using Universal Music in a YouTube video - it's cool with us - we get it." What gives with that?

Look, it was funny lighthearted and trod softly upon our culture - but somebody felt that this- and not, the other 75 videos of Howlin' Wolf, had to go !

What do they want, like 20 bucks? That's more than an album's price and I'm willing to pay! I have not made nor ever intended to make penny one - so- how's about we call it $20.00. ye who reap the profit of the deceased (who I think would like this vid, by the way)