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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Such a Cool post - I'm Nauseous and Reposting Here

Jet Harris was possibly the first person in Britain to own an electric bass guitar, and certainly the first to play one in a band. His original instrument was a Framus Star bass imported by Besson & Co from West Germany.

In September 1963, a chauffeur-driven limousine in which Jet was travelling with his girlfriend Billie Davis, was in collision with a Midland Red bus as they travelled back from one of Billie's shows in Evesham. The bus was written off in the accident and it was almost fatal for Jet too. Billie, who suffered a broken jaw in the accident, pulled the unconscious Jet from the wreckage of their car. He suffered serious head injuries requiring 34 stitches in the wound.

When the court case from the car crash was finally settled, in December 1966, Mr Justice Donaldson recognised that while Jet "was no Beatle and possibly no Cliff Richard, he was nevertheless at the top of his profession". Jet was awarded compensation of £11,150 - not much by today's standards but a not inconsiderable sum in 1966.

Watch the smoke:

Billie again: