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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Reverend Horton Heat - Last Friday Night!

Abosultely the rockinest, on fire-est, show you can go to. He never plays the same song list twice and this time he really dug deep. Buy all his albums now. There was a suprisingly self-contained mosh pit as well. Kind of anachronistic tho. They seemed like the equivalent of people who get dressed up in 50's outfits..

Her's a pic of the Rev standing on top of Jimbo's Bass - Jimbo's there, too. Down low.

(link to a 1024 above)

Here's another "shot":

Now here's a mystery explained: I always thought that the Rev was portraying a chicken (possibly a guinea hen) antagonizing an insect, child, or other barnyard animal (as portrayed by Jimbo) in the following clip:

But then he explained that after playing Atlantic City the night before and crossing the mighty Delaware on his way to Philadelphia, his pathological fear of Bottlenose Dolphin was reawakened. I now get it- predatory swimming and a sinister dolphin cackle on guitar - it's not a chicken at all - it's a dolphin attacking a swimmer!!!!

Luckily that huge Bass makes a great flotation device......