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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Mangling and Wangling

Allow me to tentatively say that after quite a bit of wangling and mangling GlyphJockey may be back from rumors of an untimely demise. A warning to future bloggers: If you use Blogger(tm) - DON'T GO FTP. It's like torture...... with zero support. I wish I could get off of it, but there's nothing out there that can find my earlier posts to import, so I'm stuck with " Your Blog Posted With Errors" or "Your blog is taking longer than usual, etc. etc." It's like Blogger(tm) wants to punish those who have their act together. So, if you know of a tool that is perfect, write me.

Maybe I'll just rebuild it all in a blogspot and pull the plug when I'm done. I dunno. Web 2.0 kind killed the need for non-monetized (I should be so lucky) hosting.