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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Photos of TV

I sometimes find that taking pictures of the TV is helpful in sharing my amazement at the weirdness the matrix has to offer us . I'm not above TV, sneering at the common folk, haughty in my self-assured cathode ray celibacy, on my way to the regatta with a volume of Proust under my arm, my imaginary mortarboard teetering atop my healthy pulsating cortex.

Nope- I watch TV.

So I was really amazed to see this wonderful (Notice the italics? - That's me gushing...) collection of photos taken off the TV by bigshot writer Mike Sacks. I got sucked in and would have peed if I didn't have such a robust urethra. (ability to write name, put out fire, etc.) You will love it, or I will hate you. No, really I won't. Link at pic and link, link followers.