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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Mile 300(s)

Usually this is 25-80 horses, but today it is the gladiators and gladiatrixes for tonight's rodeo. It's quite the spectacle, as PETA protests outside and Members Only clad dee-vor-says watch the pageantry of the opening parade inside. (I am repeating myself) They were a little put off by me photographing them (unlike the horses would have been) mainly because I'm part of that species that will shortly be shoving them, jumping on them, chasing them, antagonizing their babies (which are the kittens of meat) only to end up over some hot charcoal. Okay that last part I'm imagining.

My second stop was to see just why the hell my grapes aren't ripening. it's because they are ripening, just not ready......... these Pinot Grigio (or so I'm told) are still eentsy, and the folks at Auburn Road Winery said whites get harvested around the end of summer which it ain't, yet.

My Grapes - Through the roof of the little house they grow on - white seedless (supposedly)