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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Gittin' Yer BANANA Awn! Banana Cookbook from the 50's

Yo! Bananas! Get your recipes here!

Bananas - How to Serve Them (HERE, and at cover pic below:)

in its entirety - no publisher - no date - just bananas, bananas, bananas.

Bananas with anxiety

General tips:

Bananas showing extreme intelligence:

Bananas goin' stag:

Bananas goin' drag:

And a surprise ambient wallpaper at the link of the painting banana below:

Yeah! Friggin' BANANAS!

Want higher res? email me.


Martin Klasch said...

I love the banana people!

GarColga said...

wow I always wondered why you weren't supposed to refrigerate bananas!

Lidian said...

Why are they so happy? Soon they will be made into strange concoctions and then eaten. This is not anyone's definition of a successful day. I think.