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Friday, January 05, 2007


One year today. My sincere gratitude.

217 posts or .59 posts per day.

I've got two differing sets of stats so I'll be approximate, but in no way am I rounding up.
greater than 3 Million Hits
greater than 1 Hundred Thousand Visits
greater than 15 Thousand Unique Visitors

Approximate percentages of people who favorited the site went from less than 10% to greater than 40% (mirroring the volume growth)- thanks, favoriters! Ctrl+D is your friend!

Top referrers (in no particular order):
RYP at Twilightzone
COOP!'s Positive Ape Index
Those Rascals at PCL Link Dump bringers of gourmet everything.
Mr. Bali Hai at Eye of the Goof
The BoingBoingers
Mr. X from the much hunted Xtabay's World
The Compelling Visual Library that is Martin Klasch
Schmutzie - 2nd best damn blog in Canada
PK's Bibliodyssey
the above is purely stats based so if I love ya but you're not listed - feel it.

Some posts:
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205 Serial Killer Names
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Through The Viewfinder
Sad Thanksgiving Cards
Champagne Muzzles
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WET Magazine

and let's not forget items from Today's Sunbeam - yes, that's actually the name and yes- it's a real daily newspaper:
Hog Maws
Windowless Shopping
She's cheap - but she can act