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Thursday, February 01, 2007


MY AMAZON STORE - A deeply rewarding experience - perusing materials and goods I recommend

I've Taken 'em off. I've made about $5.00 in 60 days. There's enough traffic to support it theoretically (based on say, direct mail response rates) but either the payout structure is flawed or people don't behave the same way online. Guess what, I don't care!

But since my Hosting Provider, Performancing, Google and others choose to only use me as a "pole in the water" so to speak, I'm cutting them off.

I AM keeping the Amazon store up though. I dig doing it, and it allows me to encourage supporting the derivative content you might see here, while allowing me to be sarcastic, acerbic, pithy and/or humorous. Plus anything I buy there pays me.

I even really don't care if you buy anything - really.

Having said that, if you're a bigshot and you want to pay me to advertise - get in touch bunky.


Martin Klasch said...

Just for fun I tried adsense for about a week and I made 50 cents. No it's not worth polluting the blog with those ads. But I say the same: if someone wants to place a well-paying ad I'm ready to talk ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh NO! I was just about to buy everything that you had listed in your store and also paypal donate a lot of money to you.... but now that it is a thing of the past.... :-/
sry lolz

-rich millionare