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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Beautiful World - Beautiful World - Beautiful World

THE THEORY: I own stuff. The only way (ordinarily) you'd get to see it would be to get to know me, get to my house, be close enough to me to actually rummage through my stuff, and then hope the trip wasn't a waste after seeing it, or listening to it, or watching it.

But hey, web2.0, baby. I've got stuff that's rotting or damaged and yet I can give you the content. I've got stuff that's worthless but interesting and I can give you the content. Let's share some content.

That's The Theory.

These images are from Lands and Peoples - Volume III - The Near and the Middle East. The printing date is 1961, but first printing was 1938, and that's when I suspect the following images originate from.

They're very painterly - some are damn pre-raphaelite-ish. The originals are almost devoid of black as part of the four-color printing process - they're pastel - and beautiful as originals - but pretty much untranslateable without shipping it out to a company like Northern Micrographics (I guess that's where the GlyphJockey motto of "everything is for sale" comes into play - hah?)

Regardless they are sumptuous middle way images, of exotic cultures, and I'm going to do entries about this stuff until I've run through all the volumes I have.

(Obviously pics are links. I've also quit doing "target= "_blank"", which makes stuff open in a new window. Get Firefox already, and open stuff in new tabs by clicking on your wheel or your middle button.)

On to the images:

Bedouin Woman & Baby
Bedouin Girls

Arabs Transporting a Woman
Climbing a Date Palm

An Arab Woman
Romanian Calusare Dancers

Romanian Peasant Family
Bulgarian Fruit Gatherer

The Isker Valley
Yugoslavian Girl

Desert Twilight

The Arch of Ctesiphon

Pamir Valley