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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mashup Video: Flip the Frog in Killing Floor

Ub Iwerks' "Fiddlesticks" is in the public domain. I am reading Neal Gabler's Disney biography - and it's amazing how all these early greats all knew each other back in Kansas City - Iwerks and Disney were partners, as were they with Harman and Ising. The organ player at the local theatre was Carl Stalling. Anyway I wanted to try this mashup, owing to the fact that early animation, by virtue of it sheer amazingness, had a lot of micro zen moments, where a character was merely bouncing up and down in place for instance, while music played. A cartoon like Fiddlesticks then lends itself to this type of project because of various animation "slugs" that can be cobbled together.

Plus, the song is awesome.


mrdantefontana said...

Groovy! Very well done.

Martin Klasch said...

Sweet! Flippy looks just lik Dante when he freaks out on the dancefloor! Nice stuff.

Tincho said...

Hi, I made a video with Flippy too, a couple years ago for a band who are friends of mine. They proyected the images as they played. Sorry for the shitty sound, but they never recorded the song on studio and the sound is from the camera. Here´s the link: