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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


My wife just got an ounce of Saffron. I couldn't let the packaging escape my perusal.

Unfortunately, in our highway-to-global-warming world, I'll still buy something if the packaging is really cool.....

They took the time to include the product name in Hindi, Urdu and Arabic, (I'm guessing)

This one came with the saffron bagged for freshness:

The aroma was serene yet challenging, and helped define it as an ingredient in the risotto the Mrs. was preparing...

If you'd like to smell it, just scratch here.

This end of the tin had an intersting message:

(The pic is a link to a wallpaper)

Pickers on the other end:

It's brand is altaj which means "the crown"

The proud Spanish family that provides this rare treat:

(The pic is a link to a wallpaper)

...and their feelings about their product:

Want to buy your own OZ? Go to my store:

but remenber, I really don't care if you do - just helping, it's cheaper if you use it regularly.