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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Corrupted, print deconstructed, appreciated JMW Turner

Okay. trying to be deep while Tracy Morgan makes me pee.

I was in St. Andrews long ago and bought a card game about art to shore up the paintings in Masterpiece - never really used them for that though - more like a cool artifact.

There's a Turner in there , and if you've never seen a Turner you've really missed something. He's like a mental patient - about 10 lbs. of paint on a 1 lb. canvas in an Asperger's Syndrome frenzy of making the scene come alive and be real.

So I chose that Turner for those cards and blew it up. It was printed in 4 color process so tightly, that I had to scan it at 2400 dpi to get the thang I was looking to do:

From the original image:

"The Fighting Temeraire"

So- I have put a wallpaper here and at the "corrupted" image for your desktop environment, 'cause I love you, bunkies.

Lastly, I'll say it again: Turner's the man.