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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Behold the Deliciousness of the White Rabbit

If you have a Chinese, Vietnamese, or Phillippine grocery near you, you can probably get these. They are delicious "Milk Candy" which touches your brain, via your hypnotized tongue, neurologically when you eat 'em.

Picture above is a link to a lovely White Rabbit WALLPAPER

Here's the bag for easy identification.

Individually wrapped in a great label.

Each one comes wrapped- inside the outer wrapping - with edible paper, presumably to keep the wrapper from sticking.

Lastly, I'll say that I am the type of person that is so affected by design, the I might eat these merely because of the coolness of the packaging.... it's not right, but it's me.

While I am in fact unconcerned whether or not you actually buy these, having earned $1.91 since it's opening, here's a handy link within my charming and well-outfitted Amazon Store:

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alank said...

so i bought some of these...are you supposed to eat with the inner paper intact? i found if you let the inner wrapper dissolve in your mouth before chewing the candy it improves the flavor/experience. how was your experience?

glyphjockey said...

While I nowadays would not set foot inside a Catholic Church, the inner paper is reminiscent of "host" - yes I agree that lettint the paper dissolve is key to taol enjoyment.

Watch your fillings!

mick said...

It's wrapped in rice paper! So tasteless, yet so delicious. I used to eat these little creamy vanillicious goodies all the time.

Anonymous said...

So happy you also like this brand of candy. Actually, it was the most famous, or i can say ,the most delicious sweets in China for a long period. And your words caused my sweet memories of childhood. by the way, "White Rabit" come from my home city, Shanghai.