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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mom's Death Day

Beware the ides of March.
March seems like a death month. Ya just can't seem to make it - winter's almost over, spring's a-comin'.... there's hope, but.......

So, Mom had a lot of zing. Hopefully it will be apparent from these two images.
Hail Chicago.
Her mother died in an asylum of TB in 1918.
Born before radio.
22 at the time of the release of Snow White
Cowboys rounding up escaped cattle from the stockyards, in the middle of Michigan Avenue.
Enjoying spooners of beer in the basement ofFrank McNichols' father's brewery.
Helping her boss hide from bill collectors in the Carson Pirie Scott Building during the depression, when, if you found a really good piece of cardboard, you were happy, because you could put in your shoe, and block up the hole in it (corroborated by my father, who grew up 1000 miles away and had the same experience)
Absinthe in a rowboat on Lake Michigan
The Berghoff

Mom capturing the zeitgeist:

Cutting up for her tiny precious grandson:

There's so much stuff I want to ask you now.