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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Audio: Paternal Flatulence and Child Development

An audio story of Dad's (Lex09) digestive tract antics. Deftly and cleverly produced by my genius lad (Lex11), possibly award winning. Full of cusses. He promises me he will do the rest of the audio in a couple of installments. Even juicier stuff. Make him do it.

all last names have been "backwardized" to maintain anonymity.
Also, in case you're bad with math, that's me telling the story.


baikinange said...

As someone who has been known to occasionally scare flies off the ceiling as well, if you catch my "drift", I must say I enjoyed hearing about the proud tradition of the "Nyept-nerp" family.

Johnnyuma said...

Family gas. Smoked gouda is the key to our family tree. Thanks for the memories...pffffftttttt!!!!!

Antonia Anastasia said...

The apple doesn't fall from the tree. Genius. Pure genius. Enjoyed every minute, especially the part about garlic the size of your fist and dad's recording at the end. Loved it! The prefect pre-father's day tribute.
Rock On Lex 11.