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Monday, June 02, 2008

Superduck - Pissin' Everybody Off !

Super Duck looked like he was drawn by Carl Barks, but was really drawn by Al Fagaly, and he's like Donalds' twin. This had to irritate the crap out of Disney. Also they had to change his uniform from red & blue to Green & red, because he looked too much like Superman for DC comic's taste.

In this one he really isn't too super - more like Donald without quite as much of the anger management issues (he still gets pissed off, just less). Another thing is that it's one 1 or 1/2 page joke after another, as opposed to an extended narrative. My fave type.

Like all good old comics it has its idiosyncratic:

Ads! ads!

Bathing Beauties

Interspecies blue mutants

And a girlfreind named Uwanna (although I think she doesn't wanna)

Enjoy, kiddies!