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Saturday, June 28, 2008

I contemplated the can: 'con sal y limon - la combinacion perfecta' we'll see... poured into plastic motel cup, it reminded me of a fun guava punch, or perhaps injury drainage fluid. In the middle of drinkin it, I made these observations: upper lip burning- could this be from chiles? The can says 'Chelada' and I know that enchilada roughly translates as 'enchiled' so maybe chiles are an ingredient- only clams and shellfish. Or maybe it's residual burning from the Kimchi soup at dinner. At first, the taste was fruity, which I attribute to my brain wanting a nice fruit punch, or something like a Zombie, and prepping the proper tongueular neurons to receive the tasty sweet treat. But no. Ultimately this is strangely like an effervescent Bloody Mary. Would I rush out to have another? Oh, HELL no! But have to say, trapped in a bunker on Thanksgiving, with a nice UHT pak turkey sandwich, it
might make an acceptable apertif cocktail. so Adam, keep your 3 bucksbut still it

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Adam Gott said...

I have often been tempted to pour the can into a glass, as I do with almost all of my beers that I consume, but have hesitated and now I am glad. The stuff looks rather putrid.

UHT turkey, yumm! We didn't have that at my 'previous employer' but we did have UHT milk (we called it CHT milk because our sewage tanks were called CHT tanks) and dehydrated cottage cheese.

Maybe we need to start a regular feature in which we get a bunch of us to review these things on a regular basis.