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Saturday, June 28, 2008

I contemplated the can: 'con sal y limon - la combinacion perfecta' we'll see... poured into plastic motel cup, it reminded me of a fun guava punch, or perhaps injury drainage fluid. In the middle of drinkin it, I made these observations: upper lip burning- could this be from chiles? The can says 'Chelada' and I know that enchilada roughly translates as 'enchiled' so maybe chiles are an ingredient- only clams and shellfish. Or maybe it's residual burning from the Kimchi soup at dinner. At first, the taste was fruity, which I attribute to my brain wanting a nice fruit punch, or something like a Zombie, and prepping the proper tongueular neurons to receive the tasty sweet treat. But no. Ultimately this is strangely like an effervescent Bloody Mary. Would I rush out to have another? Oh, HELL no! But have to say, trapped in a bunker on Thanksgiving, with a nice UHT pak turkey sandwich, it
might make an acceptable apertif cocktail. so Adam, keep your 3 bucksbut still it