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Sunday, December 31, 2006

80's Artifact - WET Magazine From December '81

WET Magazine - the magazine of "Gourmet Bathing and Beyond"
Presented at the link in the cover image below.

One of the coolest things is the head-to-head comparison interviews of John Lydon versus David Lee Roth. Guess who wins, cool people?

Plus an Ed Ruscha article. Pass the ketchup.....and gunpowder.

Cool ads, too.

Japanese love hotels
Brian Wilson ready to dive
Xerox abuse

Let the page load - it's about 7 megs (I'm guessing.) 80 pages

Also, this being an Assload of work, be sure not to comment- I'm getting a jump on '07 being edification-free.

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Payo said...

Holy crap I remember those old KROQ ads. Now I feel old. And Priscilla Presley was hawt. Elvis knew how to pick em.