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Monday, December 04, 2006

Kustom Kristmas

I'm always lookin' for that je ne sais quoi- that lagniappe from my Xmas lights. It's one thing to put up a bunch, but I needed to modify to achieve certain effects:

I took gold strands and electrical taped together every 10th and 11th bulb.

and hit each one with a coupla coats Candy Apple Flake Red, to achieve this effect:

Effectively randomizing a larger brighter different citrus color for this pine.


scrape the green off every 10th bulb from 6 strands of green bulbs. (Picture shows scraped halfway.) Want to use the same knife I did? see my Amazon store.

Then affix chili pepper bulb covers over the freshly cleared bulbs and wrap the tree. This is how it looks:

and achieves this effect - leaves and fruits - at night

Lastly I custom painted the bottom strand of red bulbs on this cherry to get a somewhat gradient effect in order to suggest... spring cherry.