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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mystery: What Pooped Here?

I swear I really have no interest in poop, other than it's successful exit from my person regularly.

However when Mrs. Lex10 pointed this out to me, I knew I had that type of hard-hitting blog reporting that everyone who stops in thirsts for.

This first image shows my little pond out back (taken last night) home to ~2+ frogs along with several goldfish who managed to mature and/or reproduce before they were to big to eat.

The red arrow points to a broken half planter that is meant to look like a submerged ruin, and serves as a perch for the frogs and a hiding place (underneath) for both the frogs and the fish. It is surrounded by water 360 degrees.

Next images: the poop in question. From the looks of it, mammalian. Size appropriate for a large cat or medium dog.

Did the animal perch at the edge of the pond making a direct hit on the planter? If a kitty, did it climb onto the planter, seeking to evacuate? What?!?! How?!?!

And more importantly, why in such an improbable location? Why?

Next image: Doodle bugs, wood lice or pill bugs - I don't care what you call them - why are THEY there?!?! Do they eat poop? Do they swim? Why aren't they buried under something? Again I say: What?!?! How?!?! Why?!?!

OK- Wikipedia says they have gills- but I've never seen one swim. They eat decaying matter - but they don't appear to be swarming the poop - more like just coincidentally there......