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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Pine autopsy

We had a spectacular tree- a pendulous pine about forty feet high.

It was killed by drought, root compression, carpenter ants and shot borer.

The crew I hired brought a giant bucket truck

The operator had to avoid hiiting the powerlines to the house.

The cutting began.

They brought a chipper - or as I call it-

a "widowermaker" to consolidate the fallen branches.

I don't know why it was clled Chuck, but they explained to me they had to pay a competitor to chip the bigger logs, and then the competitor sold the chips as mulch, making money twice off the deal.

Here's the tree stump frowning - so sad. I fed this tree, watered it and pursued the invading insects as best I could. One day, there were zero needles anymore.

They gound the stump as part of the deal. I dunno why but the stump grinder was named after a 17th century Dutch painter - Jan Vermeer

Carpenter ant damage:

Feats of strength were performed by the crew.