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Friday, December 15, 2006

Benedictine Rewrites for Kids

Don't know how old this book is, I bought it for the illustrations, from a used bookseller I used to go see, an old communist in Egg Harbor- he had a real treasure trove and was always fair. There are links to larger images at each of the images below. This is an advertising piece that would never fly today- a kid's story with booze as the treasure.

Ali Baba or the 40 Thieves

Inside front cover: protagonist + distinguished/venerated hooch.

A brave tailor named Ali Baba lived another time in a small town in Persia........

Note the parsing of syllables for young readers.

Translation of caption: "After entering the cave he found a collection of elegant bottles..."
The treasure he found was the fascinatingly historied Benedictine

Caption translated" "He was surprised by the thieves and massacred (accosted?) by them."
Some mauvais-âne lookin' thieves alrighty...

Foul play against the foul

Trans: "He found the carefully hidden secret of Benedictine."
Only 3 people at any time are allowed to know its secret recipe..hence the smug look.

Inside back cover - view of the distillery. The big one is very nice..

Ali Baba finally gets to chill with his cache of Benedictine & Persian pals.